Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OPI - I Lily Love You vs Teenage Dream (swatch comparison)

Someone mentioned that OPI's I Lily Love You looks like Teenage Dream. Here is a swatch comparison of the two. I Lily Love You (left) is more of a soft pink jelly polish with holo flakies and glitter while Teenage Dream (right) has a lot of little/micro shimmery pink glitter and regular glitter. Pic is a little blurry (will try to take a better one next time)



  1. Thanks for this! I'm on the lookout for a full sized I Lily Love You but so far haven't seen one (just minis at my Ulta as of last week).

  2. like them both :)
    do you have a macro button on your camera?

  3. KarenD - lmk if you want me to look for a bottle for you

    Crystal - I dont think I have a macro button on my camera - It's just a plain Sony something... (I dont have it with me right now)