Monday, July 11, 2011

Last week/weekend haul pics

This weekend I followed DS1 and 6 of his friends to the movies and mall... Yup, kinda embarrassing to be the only one with your mom following you... LOL I didnt bother them, just wanted to make sure they didnt get in trouble and no one bothered them. After his friends all went home we walked around for a while.

Claire's is still having their 10 for $10 on clearance items - I wanted 2 items (a bottle of polish and a sticky hand toy to bring home for DS2) that would have cost around $6... so for about $4 more I bought 8 more bottles of the same polish (Hi, my name is Kim and I'm an addict)LOL

9 bottles of Claire's Evil Queen (LOL)
Claire's haul

Trade Secret had some Essie polishes on sale/clearance - I got these for $1.05 EACH!
Essie Waltz, Limo-Scene, and Adore-A-Ball
Essie Haul

Last week my box of supplies FINALLY came in: (bow and all- hehe)


  1. This is tooo cute of a post! What are you going to do with 8 bottles of the same polish? haha....By the way, I have this polish and it is sooooo pretty!

  2. What is all in the last picture? I can't tell what some of the things are (for example, what is in the red capped tube and plastic bag above that?

  3. I have NO idea what I'm going to do with 9 bottles of the same polish... lol

    The last pic contains a HUGE pack of nail files, dotting tools, nail art wheels, nail tips, little dippers (to soak off gel nails, etc), one touch/push liquid dispensers, spray bottle, striping tape, nail art brushes, and fimo canes