Wednesday, July 6, 2011

China Glaze - Sprinkles (Pink Wednesday)

China Glaze - Sprinkles is a light/medium pink with pink micro glitters.
This is from the China Glaze HAUL I received last week.

I tried to jump on the "On Wednesday we Wear Pink" train... but Im just not feeling this color. I love the name SPRINKLES! It looked pretty in the bottle... I saw swatches online - Is my bottle old? Did it somehow lose it's color? The micro glitter is just too subtle for me. I thought it would stand out more. :(

I used 3 coats and it's still a little sheer/see through at the tips
China Glaze - Sprinkles

Since I wasnt happy with Sprinkles alone... I added to it :)
First, I added China Glaze's Nova to it, just 1 coat
China Glaze - Sprinkles + Nova

Then I decided I wanted to try a jelly so I added OPI's Too Hot Pink to Hold Em (1 coat)
China Glaze - Sprinkles + Nova + OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em

Then 2 coats (maybe I should have stuck with 1 coat)
China Glaze - Sprinkles + Nova + OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em


  1. I don't think I ever saw this one before, looks cute in the bottle, but it's a shame that it's so sheer! Maybe layering gives the result you were hoping for?

  2. Bregje - I added to this mani - will post an update to it soon