Friday, July 22, 2011

China Glaze - Blue Island Iced Tea and Hello Kitty

China Glaze's Blue Island Iced Tea is a really light baby blue/almost silver shimmer polish. It is sheer, I used 2 coats but probably should have put a third - but I was rushing so I could try my Hello Kitty decal.
China Glaze - Blue Island Iced Tea

I just did my FIRST ever nail art on my own - I don't think it came out too bad... Accent nail is NYC's French White Tip with a Hello Kitty decal and I used Blue Island Iced Tea for the bow/dress and around the edges. I added my top coat before my decal was fully dry and I made the design run - so I TRIED to fix/redo some of the lines and the nose...

Note(s) to self re decal/nail art:
1. Let decal dry BEFORE putting on top coat and ruining the design
2. Bigger nail art design/decal does not mean better (smaller design would probably have looked better)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Birchbox :(

So I got my first Birchbox last week. I was very excited. The box was so pretty:
07-2011 Birchbox

It came with a card:
07-2011 Birchbox

Some of the items were wrapped in pretty blue tissue paper (Nuts!!! ahhh!!! - but the papers pretty...)
07-2011 Birchbox

Then I saw what was in it.......

1. Korres Showergel - Guava.
It's smells NOTHING like guava! Kinda smells like baby powder mixed with something (idk). Not something I would use.
2. Philosophy - Purity MadeSimple One-Step Facial Cleanser
I have very oily skin - Not sure if this will do anything for me, maybe I'll try it - maybe not
3. Redken - Shine Flash 02
I have very plain/straight hair - I probably won't use this either.
4. ybf Beauty - Automatic Eye Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe
This is an eyebrow pencil with a comb, but I don't do anything with my brows except get them waxed. - Another product that I won't be using.
5. Kind - Almond & Apricot bar
My son has a nut allergy, so i've gotten used to not eating them at all. This bar will stay in the birchbox at the office.

07-2011 Birchbox

None of these are items I would use or buy for myself... I'll give Birchbox another month or so to see how it goes. I saw that someone else got a bottle of Zoya polish and got excited... If I ever do a giveaway - these items will probably be in it (along with 1 of my 9 bottles of Claire's Evil Queen - lol)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OPI - Let Me Entertain You!

I'm finally wearing a polish that my camera will take a decent pic of. The other day I used CND Sapphire Sparkle over WnW Black Creme and it wouldnt take a nice pic. Yesterday I was wearing Estee Lauder's Ultra Violet... Same thing - BAD pics...

Let Me Entertain You! is a bright fuchsia pink with pink micro glitters. (can you see all the glitter :D) It's an older polish from the 2010 Burlesque/Holiday collection.

OPI - Let Me Entertain You

Friday, July 15, 2011

Runts - Strawberry

On Wednesday I wore pink... Sorry for the late post

I bought this cute set of Runts polishes the other day. Since I did it on Wednesday I decided to try the pink one. I think I used 3 coats. In the bottle and on the brush is looks like a light baby pink - but when it dries it turns into this nice medium/dark, frosty pink. When I was painting my nails it smelled like strawberry yogurt. After a while the smell reminded me of skittles :) I can't wait to try the other polishes in this set

Runts - Pink
Runts - Pink

Note - Please don't mind the cuticles/dry skin - DS2 is allergic/anaphylactic to nuts. I'm trying to find something that works for me but doesn't contain any nuts or mango in it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TY

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Claire's - Evil Queen

If you saw my earlier post you'd know that I have 9 (yes, 9) bottles of this polish... I'd better like it lol

Claire's Evil Queen is a really, REALLY dark purple/eggplant polish with a blueish/teal shimmer (depending on how the light hits it.) It was a little thin and streaky so I used 4+ coats of this polish.

Claires - Evil Queen

Note - Please don't mind the cuticles/dry skin - DS2 is allergic/anaphylactic to nuts. I'm trying to find something that works for me but doesn't contain any nuts or mango in it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TY

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ice Cream Nail Polish Set

Expressions Girl - 5pk Ice Cream Nail Polish Set

These bottles were SO cute that I just had to buy them :)
I swatched them and the colors aren't that bad. Pink, green, purple, orange and magenta. I might have to actually try to use them on my nails.

(I know they're upside down, but I couldn't get them to stand nicely)

Last week/weekend haul pics

This weekend I followed DS1 and 6 of his friends to the movies and mall... Yup, kinda embarrassing to be the only one with your mom following you... LOL I didnt bother them, just wanted to make sure they didnt get in trouble and no one bothered them. After his friends all went home we walked around for a while.

Claire's is still having their 10 for $10 on clearance items - I wanted 2 items (a bottle of polish and a sticky hand toy to bring home for DS2) that would have cost around $6... so for about $4 more I bought 8 more bottles of the same polish (Hi, my name is Kim and I'm an addict)LOL

9 bottles of Claire's Evil Queen (LOL)
Claire's haul

Trade Secret had some Essie polishes on sale/clearance - I got these for $1.05 EACH!
Essie Waltz, Limo-Scene, and Adore-A-Ball
Essie Haul

Last week my box of supplies FINALLY came in: (bow and all- hehe)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sally Hansen - Virtual Violet with China Glaze - Electric Lilac (purple nails for Caylee Anthony)

Sally Hansen - Virtual Violet is a nice shimmery violet. It also has a slight blue duochrome going on with the lighting. I found it to be a little sheer, streaky at the tips so I ended up using 4 coats to get this look.

Sally Hansen - Virtual Violet

Then I added China Glaze's Electric Lilac to it (just 1 coat, I <3 glitter!) Sally Hansen - Virtual Violet + China Glaze Electric Lilac

Today's haul - 7/7/11 - Sally Hansen

CVS/Longs Drugs is having a sale on Sally Hansen products - 30% off and I found a coupons for $2 off an SH nail treatment product when you buy any SH nail color.

With the sale and my coupons I ended up paying $8.86 for these items :)

7/7/11 Haul

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

China Glaze - Sprinkles (Pink Wednesday)

China Glaze - Sprinkles is a light/medium pink with pink micro glitters.
This is from the China Glaze HAUL I received last week.

I tried to jump on the "On Wednesday we Wear Pink" train... but Im just not feeling this color. I love the name SPRINKLES! It looked pretty in the bottle... I saw swatches online - Is my bottle old? Did it somehow lose it's color? The micro glitter is just too subtle for me. I thought it would stand out more. :(

I used 3 coats and it's still a little sheer/see through at the tips
China Glaze - Sprinkles

Since I wasnt happy with Sprinkles alone... I added to it :)
First, I added China Glaze's Nova to it, just 1 coat
China Glaze - Sprinkles + Nova

Then I decided I wanted to try a jelly so I added OPI's Too Hot Pink to Hold Em (1 coat)
China Glaze - Sprinkles + Nova + OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em

Then 2 coats (maybe I should have stuck with 1 coat)
China Glaze - Sprinkles + Nova + OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em

China Glaze HAUL!!! (Theyre looking at me...)

Last week my China Glaze HAUL came in the mail. Nothing new, mostly older stuff but aside from the crackles I've never owned any China Glaze. Now I have over 100 bottles (including crackles)!!! YAY!!! =D

China Glaze

They're looking at me!!!
China Glaze

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OPI - I Lily Love You vs Teenage Dream (swatch comparison)

Someone mentioned that OPI's I Lily Love You looks like Teenage Dream. Here is a swatch comparison of the two. I Lily Love You (left) is more of a soft pink jelly polish with holo flakies and glitter while Teenage Dream (right) has a lot of little/micro shimmery pink glitter and regular glitter. Pic is a little blurry (will try to take a better one next time)


My 4th of July nails

I have no imagination...
I was having fun chatting with people on twitter (is that what you call it on twitter - "chatting"?) looking at everyone elses beautiful manis and I couldn't think of anything special for my 4th of July nails so... Since I've only really used my black and silver OPI shatters I decided to try out some of the other colors. I think I used 3 coats of OPI Alpine Snow with OPI Red Shatter and OPI Blue Shatter over them.


Kinda boring compared to all the beautiful pics I looked at over the weekend... But hey, i'm getting there... =)