Saturday, June 30, 2012

OPI BLACK SPOTTED!!! (over chrome)

I am in love with it! It's fun but can't waste any of it... lol I was ready to buy 9 bottles (yup at 13.90 euros a bottle) of this polish off of Sephora's french website - UNTIL it came to shipping - they wouldnt ship to the US...
First, I used Wet n Wild's new(ish) chromes

 Wet n Wild Chrome

Thumb - I Got a New Com-pewter, Pointer - Hog-Quartz School, Middle - Grew Up in Cobalt-imore, Ring - Preious Petals, and Pinky - Stay Outta My Bimuth


OPI Black Spotted
OPI Black Spotted
OPI Black Spotted

OPI's Black Spotted - I LOVE IT! (but I still love shatter) The application is KINDA like shatter. The thinner the coat of polish the better (you can always add a little more). I think the polish was thinner than shatter and it has a shiny finish unlike shatter's dull finish until you add topcoat.

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