Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blithe Patting Water Pack - Splash Mask - how to STRETCH your bottle

I’ve been wanting to try this since I saw it last year - 15 seconds and it’s supposed to feel like you wore a mask for 10-20 minutes. The directions say to fill up a basin/sink/bowl with water, pour in a capful of product and splash the water on your face. Or you can splash a half a capful on your face while you’re in the shower.

One bottle costs $45 and the inner cheapskate in me just couldn’t over the fact that I would pretty much be pouring all that product($$$) down the drain. Then the geek in me did the math:

7oz bottle costs $45  ~  7oz = 207.015ml
1 capful = 7ml  ~  207.015ml/7ml = 29.573 uses  ~  $45/29 uses = $1.55 per use
1/2 capful = 3.5ml  ~  207.015ml/3.5ml = 59.147 uses  ~  $45/59 = $0.76 per use

After I broke it down I could finally justify taking the plunge and buying it - I mean I usually spend more than $1.55 on sheet masks so it’s like buying the masks in bulk! I also bought it at Sephora - which usually has a really great return policy!

Even after doing the math and taking the plunge and buying it I still felt like I’d just be pouring all the product/$$$ down the drain… Sooo this is what I did:

Blithe patting water pack

You going to need:
Blithe Patting Water Pack
Clean pump bottle
Measuring spoon
Measuring cup

Blithe patting water pack     

The ratio is 1:100 = 1 part Blithe Patting Water Pack to 100 parts water. I have a 500ml pump bottle so 5ml of Blithe and 500ml of water. Shake it up a bit and TADAAA!!!!!!!

I now have a 500ml bottle to splash, wipe, dip, whatever! I also keep a small travel size spray bottle with this in my purse. I can use it as much as I want without feeling any guilt!!! I use it at least twice a day or whenever I wash my face, or just because. I can use it on my body, as a sheet mask, anything I feel like.

Blithe patting water pack
My new bare minimum skin care routine is now double cleanse (with my Foreo or Clarisonic), toner, Blithe mask, moisturizer. The Blithe patting mask makes my face feel sooooo soft/smooth and so far it hasn’t made me break out which is always a bonus.

I like to store my bottle in the fridge so it's nice and refreshing whenever I use it. I haven't had any problems with it yet but hopefully it will keep anything from growing in it as well since it's summer and getting hot.

I've also made a couple extra bottles of this - one for my cousin and another for a friend - so far everyone is loving it!

Would I repurchase? Yes, I’m even considering buying the other 2 formulas to try out - especially the Soothing Yellow Citrus & Honey formula.


  1. I tried this as well but yesterday noticed a little greenish/black speck floating around in the bottle that wasn't there before. My guess is it's mold, so I threw the remainder out. Did you encounter anything like this?

    1. There are white clearish tiny chunks and stringy bits floating in mines, is it suppose to have those?

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